The Federation offers members access to a unique, collegial international community of peers and provides them with space to share knowledge and experience; forge partnerships; explore new ideas; learn from others; and receive support from people uniquely placed to understand their work, ambitions and challenges. It also offers members the opportunity to leverage collective international leadership for arts and culture. 

In addition, the Secretariat provides programmes and services that respond to members’ needs and strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of government arts and culture agencies, with a focus on international relationships and exchange, and knowledge and evidence. 

Under our current Strategy 2021-2026, we: 

  • connect members with common interests and goals; create and facilitate confidential spaces for peer exchange; and foster international participation, collaboration and action
  • generate, interpret and share global knowledge and evidence related to the development and implementation of arts and cultural policies
  • use our unique global perspective and understanding of the membership to offer trusted advisory services to help members connect, find relevant and reliable information, solve problems, and develop new areas of work
  • deliver themed programming to develop sustained discussions on significant issues; and to offer opportunities for members to engage across regions and with the wider international community, and across sectors where relevant
  • complement in-person programmes with opportunities for online engagement.

We also regularly participate in international forums to lead global thought on arts and culture; profile the role of public agencies; and raise awareness of concerns shared by members and the sectors they support.