Forum on Broadcasting

15 May 2002, Ireland

Ireland's Forum on Broadcasting, established on 22 March this year by Síle de Valera, Minister for Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands, is about to close submissions tomorrow, 16 May, and has recently launched a website to track and communicate the forum process and outcomes.

The forum is set to make recommendations to the minister on issues of critical importance to the future of radio and television broadcasting in Ireland.

Submitting parties have been asked to consider their views on: the roles of public and commercial broadcasting in light of increasing program services available through new distribution channels (eg. terrestrial, cable/MMDS, the internet and satellite broadcasting platforms); the appropriate role of the independent audio-visual production sector; whether there are distinct roles for public and commercial broadcasters at national, regional and local levels; what responsibilities should broadcasters have to provide Irish language program content; what responsibilities should broadcasters have in the provision of cultural content; what are the responsibilities of different broadcasters to make and conserve national audio-visual heritage?

Submissions will be able to be viewed on the forum’s website shortly. Recommendations from the forum will be presented to the Minister by 31 July this year.

Information on the Forum on Broadcasting process, as well as submissions as they become available, will be posted online at: