Latest news from the Republic of Congo

23 July 2002, Congo (Brazzaville)

The Societe Congolaise de Developpment des Industries Culturelles (SOCODIC), the Congolese Society for the Development of Cultural Industries, has recently announced its upcoming activities for 2002/2003, each with a focus on expanding and improving arts and cultural facilities throughout the region. Cultural Policies Seminar SOCODIC has organised a seminar on cultural policies, which will involve Congolese and foreign delegates. Aims of the seminar include: increasing awareness of the importance of providing urban cities and communities with essential cultural and artistic structures; promoting community participation and involvement in artistic and cultural life; and promoting international cultural co-operation. Among many topics delegates will discuss the roles and functions of cultural establishments in the improvement of life quality, the role of the cultural animator within society, the economic dimensions of culture, the role of international organisations as sources of finance and research, arts training, and a number of arts management issues such as marketing, law and management accounting. The Conference, will be held in Brazzaville on April 15-22, 2003. Residency Program The International Residency Panafrican Centre for Visual and Landscape Artists and the Congolese Agency for International Promotion of Cultural Exchanges (ACPEIC), with the support of SOCODIC, has announced the first residency in its residency program. The first residency will commence at Brazzaville, and will see artists of different cultures, races, beliefs and geographical regions congregate in an environment aimed at strengthening networks and fostering cultural and international co-operation. The program encourages participation from foreign artists who wish to travel to Africa to learn dance, percussion, or sanza, or who wish to visit various Congolese artistic and cultural workshops and enterprises and have the opportunity to discuss their views and experiences with fellow artsworkers. More than eighty visual artists from countries throughout the world are expected to attend the event, to be held in Brazzaville on October 20-28, 2003. Sub-Regional Seminar SOCODIC has organised a Sub-regional seminar 'Cultural Enterprises and Services Management, and Animation Art and Technique', to be held in Brazzaville, February 17-22, 2003. The seminar aims to improve the management and service delivery of cultural enterprises and to strengthen delegates' knowledge of arts business practice. The seminar will examine a variety of topics including; cultural enterprises and the economic dimension of culture, the sociological theory of organisations, management accounting in the cultural field, cultural services and civic participation, and copywright and intellectual property issues. Further information regarding the above events is available by contacting; Mr. Tiburce Gabriel BIDOUNGA, Seminar Co-ordinator Tel (242) 81.18.28 Fax (242) 28.58.87 E-mail; [email protected]