State Arts Agencies 1965-2003: Whose Interests to Serve?

RAND (Author Julia F. Lowell),
01 January 2004, USA

State Arts Agencies 1965-2003: Whose Interests to Serve? Numerous U.S. state and jurisdictional governments cut their arts budgets in 2003 and 2004. The author argues that the reason for these cuts is not just a one-time fiscal crisis, but the political weakness of state arts agencies that has arisen because of a growing mismatch between their roles and structures and the cultural and political realities they face. A shift in the arts agencies’ focus and funding may be a solution, but it cannot take place until important conceptual and practical issues are resolved. Contents Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: The Early Years: SAAs and the NEA Model of Support for the Arts Chapter Three: The 1970s: Populist Cracks in the Pillar Chapter Four: The 1980s: A Widening of the Cracks Chapter Five: The 1990s to the Present: A Watershed for SAAs? Chapter Six: Looking to the Future: The START Initiative To learn more about the publication, CLICK HERE.