Group fund for traditional artists in Abidjan

11 August 2004, Côte d'Ivoire

Abidjan Minister for the Traditional Craft Industry, Mr. Dosso Moussa, has launched a new fund for traditional artists, designed to fuel economic independence. ‘This fund is yours,’ said Mr Moussa, attending a fundraiser for traditional artist activities. The Minister called on artists to make the collective fund their ‘war-horse’ so they might ‘leave isolation’ and effect a ‘perceptible change’ in their social condition. The main objective of the fund is re-vitalisation of the working environment for traditional craftspeople and subsequently, the economic position of artists and the economy as a whole. Traditional artists pay to subscribe to the fund, becoming members. Members in turn use the monies available to obtain loans, finance their artistic activities and purchase necessary equipment. In order to immerse himself in the ‘day-to-day’ life of craftsmen’, Mr. Moussa recently visited traditional artist residencies in Adobo-city (glass-makers, UTD garage and metal glaziery). Speaking with artists, the Minister strongly advocated for the group fund, saying it is in artist interest to participate. In the name of all craftspeople, Mr. Traoré Salifou thanked the Minister for his commitment to resolving artist issues, calling the fund ‘the remedy which we truly needed.’ For further information in French, CLICK HERE.