Congo culture in spotlight with Minister

23 August 2004, Congo (Brazzaville)

The Minister of Culture and Arts for Congo has met with the arts and cultural community to discuss key issues facing the sector. Christophe Muzungu was joined by his Secretary-General, Monique Pikinini, who spoke to representatives from the Cultural Cabinet and the sector about the need for a blanket cultural policy, to address problems facing the Ministry. Ms Pikinini bemoaned the absence of sufficient infrastructure for the cultural sector and the lack of formal funding conduits to stimulate cultural activity, declaring those issues were a priority for Mr. Muzungu. The Minister agreed with Ms Pikinini’s comments, and pointed to the revaluation of cultural trades, the collection of royalties by artists; and regular financing for cultural activities as critical matters of attention for his Department. Mr Muzungu also announced his intention to travel to UNESCO to speak about the promotion and protection of the cultural heritage of the Congo region. For further information in French, CLICK HERE.