Arts Quarter Announces Findings From Fund-raising and Revenue Generation Survey

Arts Quarter,
11 March 2009, England

Arts Quarter has announced the findings of its recent Fund-raising and Revenue Generation Survey conducted over January and February 2009.

The findings of the Survey reveal a mixed picture with many organizations across the cultural and wider not-for-profit communities reporting declines in many areas of fund-raising activity while for wider revenue generation, a significant proportion are reporting increases - both based on comparisons with last year’s performance.

The findings from this Survey in which 306 organizations across the UK participated, draws fund-raising comparisons between the cultural and wider not-for-profit sectors as well as looking at regional variations between London and the rest of the UK. The level of responses from cultural organizations has allowed us to compare performance between the UK theatre community and the wider cultural sector.

A number of respondents also provided insights into a range of ways in which they are seeking to address any potential shortfalls in the medium term which we have included within the full report.