IFACCA releases report on awards for artists

17 January 2013, Australia

IFACCA has today released the report, D’Art No. 44 Government Honours for Artists. This report aims to provide an overview of various management structures and administration systems for awards provided to artists by governments.

The research looked at sixteen aspects of awards:

  • Country
  • Artform
  • Department or agency that administers the award
  • Other organisations involved in administering the award
  • Type of award (financial/honorary)
  • Value:
  • Organisation or individual that funds the award (if financial)
  • Whether the nomination process is publicly advertised
  • The type of nomination system
  • The nomination process
  • Whether there is an adjudication panel
  • Whether there is an award ceremony
  • The nature of physical objects associated with the award ceremony
  • Frequency of the awards            
  • The number of awards
  • The classification system or award hierarchy

We greatly appreciate the involvement of our members sharing this information with their colleagues. As IFACCA continues to gather information on this area of arts policy, updates will be added to the Topic page : http://www.ifacca.org/topic/awards-government-honours-artists/ We welcome comments and any further information on this topic.

To read the report, click here.