Gender Equity Action Plan 2021–2026

National Gallery of Australia,
08 March 2022, Australia

The National Gallery of Australia's inaugural Gender Equity Action Plan, the first by a major public visual arts-collecting institution in Australia.

The Plan commits to:

  • Accelerate gender equity in collections, programming, learning, content, marketing, and communications – onsite, online and on tour.
  • Advocate for sector wide collaboration to achieve gender equity and empowerment of all in the visual arts.
  • Strengthen organisational culture by fostering an equitable, diverse, and inclusive professional environment for all staff, stakeholders and audiences while addressing bias, intersectionality, and gender awareness.
  • Empower participation ensuring all genders are empowered and have access to, and equal opportunities in, leadership and professional development.
  • Amplify data for equity by employing data to inform strategic and operational gender equity objectives.