Connected Lives: Creative solutions to the mental health crisis

Creative Australia,
22 February 2023, Australia

Connected Lives: Creative solutions to the mental health crisis presents findings from the Arts, Creativity and Mental Wellbeing Policy Development Program which was a 4-month series of discussions that ran from February to May 2022.  

The report outlines a series of recommendations for government and identifies areas of strategic priority of the sector.  

The Council has already started acting on some of these areas of strategic priority, for example, with research into the professional development and support needs of artists working in mental health settings (to be published in October 2023). The release of the new National Cultural Policy – Revive, and Treasury’s consultation on Measuring What Matters, have also provided useful updates and expanded contexts for this work. 

The Council will continue to support and advocate for the priorities outlined in Connected Lives across 2023, and under its new name and remit as Creative Australia.