IFACCA joins other culture networks to press for recognition of culture in the SDGs

IFACCA and six other key international culture networks have written to the Co-Chairs of the UN’s Open Working Group (OWG) on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) regarding the place of culture in the goals for development in the next 15 years. more >

Latest Announcements

IFACCA Board Meets in Suva

The Board of IFACCA, the world’s federation of national arts councils and culture ministries, concluded today its 39th meeting in Suva, having set the organisation’s direction for the next four years.more >

IFACCA Board to meet in Fiji

The IFACCA board will meet in Suva, Fiji, on 22-23 July, hosted by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, the Fiji Department of National Heritage, Culture and the Arts, and the Fiji Arts Council.more >

Report on the 2005 UNESCO Convention in Asia

IFACCA has today published Analytical Report: Cultural Policies and the 2005 UNESCO Convention in Asia. The report, commissioned by UNESCO, aims to provide an overview of national policies and measures implemented by Parties in Asia in regard to the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.more >

Latest International News

Wesley Enoch says arts community leaders are 'whingers and whiners'

Wesley Enoch said the arts community is timid, fearful of those who speak out and prefers to curry close relationships with government and the private sector.more >

Ministerio de Cultura concluye el FITESD 2014

El Ministerio de Cultura (MINC) concluyó el VIII Festival Internacional de Teatro Santo Domingo 2014.more >

Cultura desarrolla agenda para trabajar por la perspectiva migrante

Entre el sábado 26 de julio y este lunes 28 de julio se desarrolla en la ciudad de Buenos Aires una serie de encuentros con organizaciones paraguayas en Argentina, además de acuerdos con el Ministerio de Cultura del vecino país, ambas actividades organizadas por la Secretaría Nacional de Cultura. La delegación es encabezada por la Ministra de Cultura, Mabel Causarano.more >

Latest National Arts Agency News

MCYS receives $1.3M for 5th Pan Minors Literacy programme from Republic Bank

This morning the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony received a cheque valuing $1.3M from Republic Bank for sponsorship of the 5th Right Start Pan Minors Music Literacy programme.more >

Reúne Coloquio Iberoamericano a especialistas de primer nivel en crítica de arte

Especialistas en crítica de arte provenientes de España, Argentina, Colombia, Estados Unidos, Cuba y México han comenzado a reflexionar sobre esta actividad, vital para la vida cultural, que invita a pensar, ver y comprender la creación artística.more >

Iberoamerican Symposium on art critics

Experts in art criticism from Spain, Argentina, Colombia, United States, Cuba and Mexico met to discuss art critism - an activitiy vital for cultural life that invites to understand, see and think of artistic creation.  more >