Challenges in Transitioning From a Professional Dance Career

Cultural Policy & the Arts National Data Archive (US)/The aDvANCE Project,
01 January 2000, USA

In 2003, Cultural Policy & the Arts National Data Archive (CPANDA) initiated the aDvANCE Project, to conduct surveys of current and former dancers in the United States, Australia, and Switzerland in order to assess the transition of professional dancers to post-performance careers. Emotional, financial, professional and sociological questions were explored. The project also encompassed profiles of dance activity in 11 countries and descriptions of significant dance career transition programs. According to the study's final report, the aDvANCE Project was undertaken "to assess the extent and nature of the challenges of the transition process, to gather factual evidence to test various propositions about the effects of transition on the individual dancer, and to suggest ways in which the problems of transition may be addressed." To access the study data online, CLICK HERE. To download results on a country by country basis (Australia, Switzerland, US), CLICK HERE.