About the World Summit on Arts and Culture

29 May 2025, International

The World Summit on Arts and Culture is an international forum in which issues of public support for the arts, culture and creativity are discussed. Our World Summits bring together leading policy makers, researchers, managers and practitioners from the arts and culture sector from around the world. 

Summits are generally held triennially and delivered in partnership with one of our National Members. In order to identify potential host countries, we call for Expressions of Interest from interested member organisations approximately three years before the event is due to take place. The selection process includes the following stages:

  1. National Members submit preliminary Expressions of Interest.
  2. The IFACCA Board shortlists potential host organisations and invites final proposals from those members.
  3. The Board reviews final proposals and selects the next host.
  4. The selected host country is announced at the close of the preceding World Summit.  


Previous World Summits on Arts and Culture have been held in: