Creative Community Building through Cross-Sector Collaboration

Centre for Creative Communites,
01 January 2004, Greece

This book is the result of a study, commissioned by the MELINA Project, Greece, carried out in nine European countries, exploring the state of integration of the arts, culture and heritage in the policies and practice of people who are primarily focused on social, health and educational outcomes. The words used in the book (trust, responsibility, community, participation, well-being, etc) are in many ways familiar, especially these days when all levels of government and public service are required to take an interest in reducing social exclusion and encouraging more people to participate in their communities. But what the study reveals is the clear emergence of a group of hybrid sectors in which arts, culture and heritage join together with social, health and educational experts in new coalitions to address shared problems. This latest book by the Centre for Creative Communities features case studies and interviews with some of those people active in the complex field of cross sector work as well as looking at the types of policy, practice and theory developing around the need for society to foster creativity in every citizen and fight social exclusion. Please email indicating number of copies required quoting 'Interchanges Offer’ Payment should be in £ sterling by cheque made payable to Centre for Creative Communities. Bank details available on request for BACS transfers