A Statewide Report on Participation in the Arts

Arts Queensland,
22 September 2006, Australia

An Arts Queensland research study aimed at identifying the barriers experienced by consumers to participation in the arts. The Queensland-wide study builds on research conducted for the Australia Council in 2000 and examines in detail two audience segments identified in that research - the 'interested' and the 'disinclined'. These segments were selected for the Queensland study because they offered the most potential for conversion to new arts audiences. The study used both qualitative and quantitative techniques to explore the barriers to participation for these segments. It develops a 'risk model' and suggests strategies for lowering these risks and consequent barriers to participation. It also demonstrated some migratory patterns where users move from the 'interested' to the 'disinclined' and back to the 'interested' segment of the market depending on life stage.

The study helps identify the practical barriers that venues and art forms need to overcome to attract these new arts consumers.