Funding support for the arts

Scottish Executive,
13 March 2008, Scotland

The Scottish Government has awarded £600,000 to encourage further private sector investment in the arts in Scotland, it was announced today.

On the day the Creative Scotland Bill was published, Culture Minister Linda Fabiani, will attend the Arts & Business reception to celebrate the New Arts Sponsorship Awards.

Ms Fabiani said:

"Scotland is experiencing a cultural renaissance and this is vital to a healthy and profitable economy. That is why the Scottish Government has decided to fund the New Arts Sponsorship Awards scheme to the tune of £600,000 thus securing the future of the scheme for the next two years. This scheme has encouraged businesses with no previous experience of arts sponsorship, to get involved and reap the rewards - I strongly believe these partnerships must continue.

"The creative sector clearly benefits from business support but this is a two-way street. There are also real advantages for businesses involved. To date these partnerships have generated opportunities on advertising and publicity as well as drama workshops for employees' children, staff involvement at theatres and a heightened community profile.

Barclay Price, Director of Arts & Business Scotland said:

"These 'double your money' grants offer businesses a great opportunity to discover the commercial benefits that flow from arts sponsorship - whether that be for branding, customer engagement, staff development or corporate responsibility - and will provide invaluable support to Scotland's thriving arts community."

A two-year initiative, the New Arts Sponsorship Awards Scheme was launched in 2006. The Scottish Government has decided to commit £600,000 to secure this successful scheme for a further two years. The scheme aims to increase the number of businesses sponsoring the arts in Scotland and support cultural organisations in their business development. It is run by Arts & Business Scotland and funded by the Scottish Arts Council.

Under the scheme an arts organisation receiving an eligible business sponsorship can apply for an additional amount on a £1 for £1 for basis and the business receives additional sponsorship benefits equal to that amount. To date the scheme has attracted over £1.1 million of sponsorship from 70 businesses and brought almost £2 million of new money to the arts in Scotland.