Café Culture Nation

Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación, Presidencia de la Nación,
14 May 2008, Argentina

Café Culture Nation is a program that promotes spaces for meeting and reflecting on Argentinian culture, taking as a starting point the belief that information, dialogue and debate are essential tools for the construction of a democratic and participative society.

During Café Culture Nation intellectuals, scientists and artists from all over the country will share and discuss experiences, knowledge and opinions. The program will take place in 46 cities in 13 provinces and more than 600 meetings have been programmed, which makes it one of the developed programs in terms of Federal action, involving the cultural jurisdictions at the national, provincial and municipal levels, and with the active participation of civil society, as these meetings are taking place in physical spaces which are both close to, and familiar to, the men and women of all the latitudes of the territory.

Further information available in Spanish.