Second CEO Leadership Seminar

15 October 2009, South Africa

CEOs representing 30 IFACCA national members attended IFACCA’s second CEO Leadership Seminar held  in Johannesburg on 22 September.
The Seminar provided an opportunity for CEOs to hear from experts on leadership, arts advocacy and social trends, to reflect on the challenges of being leaders of government agencies that support the arts and culture, and to share learning about their successes and failures.
Jonathan Katz, Chief Executive, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (see below), facilitated the Seminar and based discussions around a model of public value for policymakers.  Dr Katz consolidated and developed the discussions arising from the first CEO Leadership Seminar held in NewcastleGateshead in 2006, which he also facilitated.
Peter Steidl, Partner, Business Planning, Mindshare (Australia)(see below) outlined the current trends and developments that will influence the environment within which arts leaders are aiming to position the arts, including global issues of population, energy, environmental, climate and the economy.  Dr Steidl also reflected on developments in communication technologies, marketing and consumer behaviour to inform a discussion on arts advocacy and the potential for developing an international campaign for the arts. 
IFACCA’s preliminary research on national arts advocacy campaigns and a pre-seminar paper prepared by Dr Steidl informed the discussion.

Dr Jonathan Katz is the CEO of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) and a chief strategist and spokesperson for public funding for the arts at the state level in the U.S.  Jonathan facilitated IFACCA’s first CEOs’ Leadership Seminar held in 2006 in NewcastleGateshead, England, and has worked with the Board on a number strategic planning activities.  He is a former professor of public policy and administration at the University of Illinois and executive director of the Kansas Arts Commission. Jonathan is a frequent speaker and consultant on cultural policy, advocacy, leadership development, arts education and participation trends.

Dr Peter Steidl is an internationally recognised advertising and marketing strategist.  He has carried out assignments in 16 countries on four continents and counts some 30 Fortune Global 500 companies amongst his clients.  He has published books, articles and manuals, including Marketing Strategies for Arts Organisations, The Art of Strategic Planning and The Sponsorship Files. Dr Steidl is also Adjunct Professor, Department of Computing at Curtin University, and a member of the board of the Institute for Multi-sensor Processing & Content Analysis, also at Curtin University, Australia.