Cayfest in April

25 January 2002, Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is set to hold its national arts festival,'Cayfest' – produced by the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, and funded by the Ministry of Culture – from 1 to 13 April. Celebrating and showcasing the islands' culture, the festival opens with a seaside re-enactment of a traditional boat launch. Other events include: Café Cayman, an open-air event featuring local bands, arts and craft and native dishes; 'Granny Backyard', where patrons can enjoy the talents and hospitality of the community; 'Praise', held by local churches; Dance Vibes; a chalk festival and an art exhibition. Organisers commented in a news release that the festival 'offers a wonderful opportunity to participate in and enjoy creative expressions of Caymanian culture'. For more information, contact: Anthony Ramoon – Cayfest Coordinator Sonia Bodden Kimball – Special Projects Manager Email [email protected]