Review highlights vital role of literary magazines

06 March 2002, United Kingdom

A recent review of Scottish literary magazines funded by the Scottish Arts Council (SAC) has commended their capacity to motivate and provide opportunities for emerging writers, as well as promoting critical debate. The Review of Funding of Literary Magazines, commissioned by the SAC and carried out by Nicholas Spice of the London Review of Books, revealed the range and achievements of these magazines and emphasised the value of their cultural and geographically distinctive insights. While concluding that the magazines investigated did operate adequately on current resource levels, the review recommended that they could benefit from increased investment. As a result, SAC’s Literature Committee and Department, in conjunction with magazine editors and the Literary Magazines Sub-Committee, plan to survey potential additional sources of funds. Dr Ann Matheson, chair of the SAC Grants to Magazines Sub-Committee, commented: ‘We are very pleased by the review’s high quality of insight into the difficulties faced by literary magazine editors, and its rigorous analysis of the realities of financing and publishing small magazines. The review’s recommendation in favour of more investment in the magazines will be fed into our general proposals for greater investment in literature in Scotland.’ Further information regarding Scottish Arts Council is available on online at