ACE launches ’Creative partnerships’

19 March 2002, United Kingdom

The Arts Council of England (ACE) has launched a GB£40 million initiative, aimed at developing long-term partnerships between schools, cultural and creative organisations and artists. Organisers suggest the project is ‘one of the most important new arts education programs in a generation.’ Tens of thousands of children will have the opportunity for unprecedented access to a wealth of cultural experience under the new program, according to an ACE statement. The initiative, focused in 16 areas of the country over a period of two years is planned to effect learning across the whole curriculum. ACE says that partnerships will offer a range of enhanced and sustained opportunities for children and their teachers, to enable them to work directly with and experience the work of artists, cultural and creative organizations while supporting creative people to work with the young. The program will focus on the creative industries, including subsidised, not-for-profit, commercial, high art and popular culture, craft, design and fine art. For further information visit: