Advisers for the Arts in Wales

Arts Council of Wales,
03 May 2002, United Kingdom

 Do you have specialist knowledge about any aspect of the arts?  Do you have the enthusiasm and commitment to be integral to the development of the arts in Wales?  Do you have views on the development of arts policy for Wales? The Arts Council of Wales is seeking to recruit people to be part of its National List of Advisers. The published List will comprise experts who will be called upon to assist with the assessment of applications for funding from the Arts Council and to advise on the development of new policies and projects. If selected, your name will appear on a published list, outlining your area(s) of expertise. We are seeking applications from experts in all aspects of the arts, including visual arts, music, community development, presentation of artworks and arts marketing. All Advisers will be appointed for an initial period of three years, and you will be paid out-of-pocket expenses incurred when assessing funding applications or attending any meeting.