Cultural Tourism Project Manager

Arts Council of England (East Midlands Arts),
19 July 2002, United Kingdom

Fixed term contract for 1 year East Midlands Proposal Advocating Cultural Tourism (EMPACT). This project has been part financed by the European Union. Arts Council of England (East Midlands Arts) has been successful in receiving an ERDF grant to increase cultural tourism and business growth in Objective 2 areas and support cultural venues/activities in rural areas. As project manager you will have a large budget to meet European targets and outputs. Experience of managing a European funded project is desirable. You will be delivering a programme that supports the promotion and sustained growth of cultural tourism, geared towards attracting extra regional visitors. You will have a knowledge of marketing and promoting that can be applied to tourism and be aware of the specific needs of cultural attractions. A knowledge of using web sites for tourist information and marketing is essential as you will be responsible for co-ordinating the development of sustainable IT network. Travelling throughout the region and working with staff at Arts Council of England (East Midlands Arts), you will utilise a marketing budget to encourage arts activities which support tourism.