Co-operating for culture

30 January 2003, India

India’s Culture Department has announced an agreement between India and Italy that will see the two countries co-operate against the illegal trafficking of cultural assets. Through the signing of a cultural exchange program – which will see the two countries engage in the exchange of art, music, dance and theatre events – it is hoped that the illegal transfer of similar cultural assets will decrease. The two countries will also work together in the areas of archaeology, art, archives, museums, libraries and cinema, in addition to the teaching of the Italian language in India, and Hindi and Sanskrit in Italy. It is hoped that such co-operation will contribute to the protection of cultural heritage of both the countries. Another element of the program is the exchange of library experts between India and Italy. This aspect of the program aims to work towards the restoration and preservation of valuable documents, books and manuscripts. The program will be in force for a period of three years. For more information Click here.