South African National Arts Council holds emergency meeting following artist sit-in

20 June 2003, South Africa

The National Arts Council of South Africa held an emergency meeting of its Executive Committee recently, following a sit-in by a group of artists demanding funding results, explanations for funding decisions and a meeting with the Chairperson of the board. In a statement issued by Andre Le Roux, the National Arts Council expressed criticism of the artists for attempting to coerce the board into approving their funding applications. ‘Their actions are not fair on the part of other artists across the country, who were not funded and do not have the luxury of coming to the offices of the NAC,’ the statement said. Due to be held on June 13, the Executive Committee meeting planned to address the issues raised by the artists. However, the National Arts Council said it would not be forced into an outcome. ‘The culture of entitlement of artists has to come to an end,’ the NAC said. ‘This needs to take into account the limited funds of the National Arts Council to fund projects and programs of national significance. The support of provincial and local governments is crucial to the success of the arts in any country, and we urge them to come to the party.’ For more information on the national Arts Council of South Africa, CLICK HERE