The Write Stuff - Writers Adopt New Charter

New Zealand Writers Guild,
14 December 2006, New Zealand

The Writers Charter is a bill of rights which the New Zealand Writers Guild (NZWG) adopted in December 2006. The Charter provides a list of underlying principles – the minimum rights that writers should be afforded. Like any charter it is an aspirational document but it also has a practical aspect.  Each right listed in the Charter can be directly linked to the working lives of writers – whether it be rates of pay, credits or the use of their work. Writers should make themselves familiar with the Charter and ensure that they raise any perceived breach of these rights with the NZWG. The NZWG encourages those who work with writers to abide by the principles laid out in the Charter.

The Writers Charter
The Writer is the creator and originator of a script that is the foundation for all the collaborative effort that follows.
The Writer has the following rights:

  • The right to be credited fully and appropriately as the author of their work.
  • The right to fair payment for all uses of their work.
  • The right to freedom of expression.
  • The right to freedom from discrimination.
  • The right to protect their work from distortion or misuse.
  • The right of free association, including to act collectively with other writers.