The Program "Itinerancias por Colombia 2007" of the Colombian Ministry of Culture Progresses

Ministerio de Cultura,
25 September 2007, Colombia

The Arts Unit of the Ministry of Culture, in association with the National Network of Colombian Theatre Festivals, begins the third tour of Itinerancias por Colombia 2007. Twenty-four artists of the performing arts companies Casa del Silencio, Ensamblaje Teatro, L’Explose Danza y Bahía Trío will tour around one city and three towns of Antioquia, between September 29 and October 6, 2007.
This project is part of the program Circulation and Appropriation of Art Works of the Arts National Plan 2006 - 2010, intended to create interregional tours that promote cultural dialogue and integration, appreciation and acknowledgment of the excellence of national artistic production, as well as to strengthen the logistics and administration related to the circulation of arts within the country.
A specialized curatorial committee, based on the criteria of regional representation, quality, professional career and public recognition, selected the performing arts companies.
This tour will be possible thanks to the partnership with the National Network of Colombian Theatre Festivals, the support of the mayors of la Ceja, Guatapé, Carmen de Viboral, as well as the Governor of Antioquia, and the theatres where the plays will be presented. The artists will visit the city of Medellín and the municipalities of Carmen de Viboral, La Ceja and Guatapé.
To find more about the program, write to the Arts Direction of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia: [email protected], [email protected]