Arts Council of Wales Launches Consultation on Draft Art Form Strategies

Arts Council of Wales,
12 December 2007, Wales

The Arts Council of Wales (ACW) has released its draft Art Form Strategies today for a consultation period that will last until 25 February 2008.
We want to involve the arts community, artists, arts organisations and our partners but also to reach out to all of the people of Wales, as the arts touch all of our lives. The arts are immensely important to people across Wales, and this has been reflected in research studies into arts attendances and attitudes to the arts.
David Alston, Arts Director at the Arts Council of Wales, said:
"Many people have helped us to date in shaping ideas about the future direction of different artforms in Wales but this is a critical period to test these ideas and receive views from a variety of perspectives."
ACW welcomed the outcome of the 2006 Wales Arts (Stephens) Review and over the last year has been working on the Review's findings and developing proposals for the direction and content of arts development for the foreseeable future.
In preparing its strategies, ACW has studied each art form individually and collectively. The strategies relate to the following art forms:
Applied Arts and Crafts
Visual Arts
Theatre and
Drama Literature