Connections between culture and well-being; Perspectives into applications of art

Ministry of Education and Culture,
12 April 2008, Finland

The cultural programme of the Rural Policy Committee contains measures geared to improve conditions for culture in the rural areas over the period 2005-2008. From the standpoint of individuals, cultural consumption and cultural pursuits in which people are involved as audience have a positive effect on health. Art hobbies create a sense of community and networks which support people in life management. The Ministry of Education and the cultural theme group of the Rural Policy Committee launched a survey in summer 2005. The report in hand is based on the subsequent report on the links between culture and well-being published in 2006.

This report focuses on art-based projects which find expression in social contexts, creating new encounters at the interface of different sectors. Art, applied use of art, research methods in art and research by the medium of art offer innovative factors for change that are consistent with sustainable development and extend to economic activity, regional and local development, social and health services, other social services and workplace practices.

The report puts forward proposals for further measures for increasing cooperation between the social, health, labour and cultural sectors both at the administrative and practical level.

The full report is available in Finnish only.