Digital culture: the changing dynamics

02 October 2008, Croatia

The book entitled Digital Culture: The Changing Dynamics, is the result of discussions among experts, members of the Culturelink Network and IMO's researchers, in the course of the past few years on the impact of information and communication technologies on culture and the changes that in the context of the information era affect established cultural practices and concepts. The inspiration for producing this book rose from the meeting of experts at the Culturemondo conference, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2006, hosted by Culturelink. Informal debates led to the proposal to unite different approaches, opinions and reflections about the phenomena transforming the world today into one book focusing on digital culture.

The papers in this book examine possible shifts in the integration of new technologies and digital culture in the processes of affirming cultural diversity and intercultural communication by presenting different case studies and trend analyses – examining the changes brought about by the new context of the interactive and participatory Internet and the responses of the cultural sector to them, and analysing how cultural policies deal with digital culture. By providing insights into these interrelated aspects, the book is trying to answer the question – how can we talk about cultural diversity in the digital domain and what are the current trends? To understand the interrelation of the local and the global, the articles in this book analyse existing practices in the digital realm. The SEE context is analysed in one part of this book, thus providing evidence-based research of digital diversity trends and informing cultural policies in the SEE region.

Digital Culture: The Changing Dynamics
Edited by Aleksandra Uzelac and Biserka Cvjetièanin
Culturelink Joint Publications Series No. 12
Institute for International Relations, Zagreb, 2008
ISBN 978-953-6096-46-6, Price: 30 €