TB death Mamadou Diouf: Culture in mourning

Ministère de la Culture, du Patrimoine historique classé, des Langues nationales et de la Francophonie,
04 October 2008, Senegal

On Saturday October 4 2008, Senegal mourned. Family, parents, friends, colleagues, artists, literary and religious accompanied Mamadou Diouf to his final resting place in Thies, his hometown.

Mamadou Diouf, a brilliant technical adviser in the office of the Minister of Culture had struggled against diabetes for several years, and finally secumbed on Friday 3 October 2008.

Mamadou Diouf illustrated his ideas, his expertise in the implementation of cultural policies and editorials in Senegal. During meetings of cultural experts in the Caribbean specifically in Santo Domingo, Nigeria, Ethiopia and other African countries, Mamadou Diouf gave distinguished interventions and argued, providing a voice for Senegal in these regional and international forums.

A graduate of the Ecole Nationale des Arts in 1984, having served as a cultural leader in regional cultural centers of Senegal, Mamadou Diouf joined the Directorate of Arts in Reading and libraries (Dalba). He succeeded brilliantly with the assistance of the prestigious Center for Cultural Action Lome in Togo where he obtained the diploma of Cultural Affairs Advisor.

Back in Senegal, he coordinated the regional cultural centers of Senegal and became technical adviser to the Cabinet Minister responsible for Culture since 2004.

At the Ministry, Mamadou Diouf also maintained friendly relations with colleagues and with artists, writers, actors and other creators and operators of Senegal and elsewhere. Mamadou leaves us the memory of a cultural activist committed to his professional mission with a keen sense of human relations.