Report released on Intangible Cultural Heritage

11 March 2009, Scotland

We are delighted to release our D’Art report no. 36: Defining and Mapping Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The D’Art was undertaken in collaboration with Museums Galleries Scotland (formerly Scottish Museums Council), as a preliminary study of the issues, both theoretical and practical, in making an inventory of ICH in Scotland in conformity with the UNESCO Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Based on the responses and on their own research, the researchers produced a report, Scoping and Mapping Intangible Cultural Heritage in Scotland Final Report, which was published in August 2008. The report identifies practical steps to be taken in order to safeguard and promote the richness and diversity of Scotland’s cultural practices and living traditions.

The D’Art report available on IFACCA’s website provides an analysis and commentary of the international responses to the D’Art question. It also provides an extract from the Museums Galleries Scotland’s full report. The IFACCA website also has a topic page ( devoted to intangible cultural heritage, with other publications, news items and events. Additional resources will be added to the topic page as they become available. There is a similar topic page for all our current and past D'Art topics (

We thank all respondents for their contribution to the research.