IFACCA welcomes Saudi Arabia as a national member

12 April 2012, Saudi Arabia

IFACCA is pleased to welcome the Ministry of Culture and Information of Saudi Arabia as a national member.

The Ministry of Information was established in 1962. In 2003, responsibility for culture was added to the Ministry's portfolio.
The new Ministry was given an agency for culture, and took responsibility for the activities of the following bodies, which had previously been affiliates of the General Presidency of Youth Welfare:
- The King Fahd Cultural Centre
- The Administration of Folklore
- The Saudi Society for Culture and Arts
- The General Administration of Cultural Activities
- The Literary Clubs, and the General Administration for Literary Clubs.
The new Ministry of Culture and Information was also charged with overseeing the activities of:
-The General Administration for Public Libraries
-The General Administration for Cultural Relations
which had previously been affiliates of the Agency of Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Education;
and Al-Mujallah Al-Arabia, which had previously been an affiliate of the Ministry of Higher Education.

The Ministry also has responsibilities in broadcasting, media and information.

For recent news on arts and culture in Saudi Arabia, please see IFACCA’s Directory page: http://www.ifacca.org/directory/country/saudi-arabia/resources/ . For general information about Saudi Arabia visit the website of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities http://www.scta.gov.sa/en/Pages/default.aspx