Culture Minister asks to value ​​cultural and ethnic diversity

Rpp noticias ,
09 August 2012, Peru

On the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, Culture Minister Luis Peirano, greeted all the communities of Peru and invited citizens to reflect on the value of cultural and ethnic diversity of Peru and the need to build an intercultural society and state.

The minister said the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, "is a reason to reflect on the problems of communities, which are shaped by millions of people worldwide and in our country have a significant presence."

This year, the theme of the day is called "Indigenous Media: empowering indigenous voices." In this regard, the minister greeted, in particular, "Indigenous peoples that are present through the media and organizations that work with communication technologies, to serve the interests of Indigenous people.

Peirano said that in our countries, especially women, have acquired capacities to manage these resources, even with today's complex technologies to make their voices heard.
He also reaffirmed the commitment of the Ministry of Culture, through the Vice Ministry of Interculturality, to build bridges with all institutions that favor the development of Indigenous people in Peru, and called to know and appreciate the cultural diversity, the basic element of an identity as a country.