National Culture Award in Indigenous languages

Ministerio de Cultura ,
29 August 2012, Peru

The Ministry of Culture and Peru Petroleos (Petroperu SA) announced the call for the National Culture Award (PNC) 2012 not only in Spanish but also in native Indigenous languages (asháninka, shipibo, conibo, awajún, aymara, quechua).

Ministry of Culture,  Luis Peirano Falconi, stressed the importance of this proposal, which coincides with the work that the Vice Ministry of Interculturality has done in implementing the Law and Regulation of Consultation.

"Respect for the native communities," said Falconi Peirano, "involves the recognition of their idiosyncrasies and their customs, but also of their languages."

"There are more than 50 native languages,", remarked the Minister Peirano, " and now, we will have the national culture away information in five of them because it is necessary that everyone knows that culture is an issue that deserves to be awarded, recognized and kept in mind."











Chairman of Petroperú, Humberto Campodónico joined the Minister Peirano in the presentation. Other people at present were the Deputy Minister of Heritage and Cultural Industries, Rafael Varón Gabai, Deputy Minister of Interculturality, Iván Lanegra Quispe and senior management official of the ministry.




The PNC rewards trajectory of artists, creators, researchers, groups and institutions and companies dedicated to the preservation of art, management and promotion of this field. This call, therefore, will be disseminated throughout the country. Both the bases and forms are also available in these languages​​, so this award is accessible to all Peruvians and Peruvian.