The Youth Orchestras and Choirs Program, a tool to prevent violence: Rafael Tovar y de Teresa

Ministry of Culture,
24 January 2013, Mexico

On Thursday 24 January the President of the National Council for Culture and the Arts, Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, signed with the San Luis Potosi Gov. Fernando Toranzo, the agreement by which both institutions will coordinate efforts to create a mixed trust aimed at the creation, installation and operation of youth orchestras and choirs, responding to the statement made by President Enrique Peña Nieto last December to make this initiative a national program, in Baja California when he inaugurated the Musical Arts Center of Tijuana.

At the Arts Center of San Luis Potosi, the CEO of Conaculta recalled that the president's statement was to promote and implement the program throughout the country in order to launch a program of choirs and orchestras and this way sowing important seeds in various regions of the country.
He explained that this program that the President asked the Conaculta conduct, aims to add all these efforts and create the conditions to establish it as a National Program to contribute to the rebuilding of the social fabric through art and family life.
Also, Rafael Tovar y de Teresa said that the Program of Youth Orchestras is inserted in an important way within the project guidelines proposed by President Enrique Peña Nieto to prevent violence.

"In these tasks, children and young people from deprived areas where there are children and young people who probably have no other alternatives to crime and violence, may open a new horizon, not only in coliving with others like them but above all by having a new horizon in their  own life. We believe this initiative is of utmost importance as it will give options to these social groups.”
The trust will manage the resources from different funding sources, both public and private, as well as those generated by the presentations of the children and youth themselves.

Although the project is based on the Venezuelan model, the proposed approach to San Luis Potosi is considered long term and includes substantial participation of society in both the administration and its government system and its financing.