National Sector Development Initiative

Creative Australia,
21 February 2014, Australia

In 2012, after extensive consultation with the community arts and cultural development (CACD) sector regarding better targeting of Australia Council resources to develop the capacity and sustainability of the sector, Community Partnerships announced support for a suite of new multi-year projects through its National Sector Development Initiative.

The three proposals supported are:

  • National Local Government Cultural Forum - this national forum will generate ideas and learn from the experiences of over 500 councils and provide a laboratory of CACD practice and test new ways of strengthening communities and improving health and wellbeing through the arts
  • The Digital Platform - to build an exceptional and unique national digital platform to showcase practice and support communications and collaboration in the CACD sector over the next decade. The new platform will be the centre piece of a national digital strategy - a blueprint designed to strengthen the online capacity of our sector - locally, nationally and internationally. Visit the Platform consultation site for information and updates
  • Creating Australia - the establishment of a cross-sector organisation for the Australian CACD sector that provides communication, collaboration and advocacy 

Community Partnerships funded these proposals with the view that although they are individual projects they are funded as part of an overall holistic strategy. All funded initiatives are committed to working collaboratively in a spirit of respect, honesty and generosity – with each other and with respect to the diversity of our sector’s artists, practitioners, organisations and communities.

In addition to these projects, Community Partnerships acknowledged that the area of leadership was highlighted by the sector and commissioned Group Incognito through its strategic investment funds to undertake a scoping study for the development of a leadership model to address this gap.

To complement the initiative, Community Partnerships also created two new categories to develop and offer mentorships and a fellowship.