The International Culture Panel

Ministry of Culture ,
14 April 2015, Denmark

The International Culture Panel is a cross-ministerial collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Business and Growth and the Ministry of Culture. The purpose of the panel is to bring together an array of prominent cultural institutions in order to strengthen the cultural exchange and give it a shared focus.

The overall aim of the International Culture Panel is to increase Denmark’s cultural exchange with foreign countries and strengthen the internationalisation of Danish cultural life. The strategic action plan of the International Culture Panel stipulates that the members must practically contribute to the fulfilment of the four purposes of the international cultural exchange, which are:
1.development and renewal of Danish arts and culture
2.promotion of Denmark as a country
3.furthering of cultural export
4.furthering of intercultural dialogue

Strategic action plan 2014-16

In its strategic action plan for 2014-16 the International Cultural Panel has chosen the following cross-sectional themes and geographical areas of focus:

Cross-sectional themes
•Dialogue, Democracy and Participation.

 Geographical areas of focus
•The BRICS-countries – defined as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
•The Middle East – divided into the Levant, North Africa and the Gulf States.