National Trust commences mounting of warning signs at heritage sites

Ministry of Education, Department of Culture, Youth and Sport,
11 August 2015, Guyana

In an effort to protect heritage sites, the Ministry of Education, Department of Culture, Youth and Sport through the Guyana National Trust has commenced mounting warning signs. The process started today at the 1823 monument where the Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry along with the Chief Executive Officer of the National Trust, Nirvana Persaud unveiled the first sign.

The warning signs will also be installed at the 1763, Non Aligned, St. George’s Cathedral and Enmore Martyrs Monuments. Four (4) river sites namely Fort Zeelandia, the Dutch Heritage Museum, Fort Kyk Over Al and Hogg Island Windmill are also earmarked for the installation of similar signs.

The signs seek to encourage visitors to safeguard and respect our nation’s monuments and heritage sites so as to prevent damages. Additionally, in light of the growing challenge of persons dumping garbage at the 1823 and other sites, it is necessary to deter persons from engaging in these activities that contribute to the poor state and low value and appreciation of these historic and national sites. Hence the need for these warnings signs to establish ownership, governance, management and to reawaken a sense of national pride and encourage discipline and respect in using and accessing these sites.

The signs indicates the prohibition of littering, standing and/or jumping on monuments, vandalism and dumping of garbage within the vicinity of the sites. The Ministry and the National Trust anticipates that these signs will promote the safeguarding, preserving, promoting and maintaining of our heritage sites.