Over 100 students successfully complete Music is Fun programme

Ministry of Education ,
13 August 2015, Guyana

The Ministry of Education has reinvigorated its outlook at the inclusion of music in the school system. Recently, a four week music workshop for primary school teachers came to an end however this is not an isolated effort. Today, the Music School concluded its Music is Fun programme where 105 participants completed training in the basics of music education.

In her remarks, the Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry announced that a special programme is being strategized by the administration and instructors at the Music School. Starting next month this batch of students will be able to continue their music education. This announcement was welcomed by the large gathering of parents who attended the event.

This initiative was taken due to the overwhelming response by students who turned up for the music programme. “This year’s camp proved to be an interesting one for the Music School’s administrator and instructors this is so because this camp which initially caters for fifty (50) participants saw over one hundred and thirty (130) persons registering,” Minister Henry said. The Minister expressed her satisfaction with the decision taken by the instructors to volunteer their time to facilitate another class.

During the official ceremony the students from the various specialized classes performed musical renditions. In this regard, Minister Henry noted that she feels a sense of pride with the students’ performance. She also expressed her expectation that they will become international performers.

Also addressing the gathering was one of Guyana’s cultural advocates, Ruel Johnson in his remarks noted that merge of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport was a step in the right direction.

He added that the arts play an important role in education, and a programme such as this is a promising one.  Johnson further emphasized that parental encouragement and involvement are also key factors.  Additionally, the State has a role to play in this effort.

During the four week camp the participants were exposed to the basic elements of music through a practical based approach in the guitar, electronic keyboard, violin, bass guitar, recorder, saxophone, steel pan and drums/percussion. The students also learned how to play and care for the various instruments, how sounds combine to produce music, notes and their value and tips on performing.