Statement from President Joe Biden on Equal Rights Amendment Centennial

The White House,
26 August 2023, USA

One hundred years ago, a pioneering group of women proposed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) which would definitively enshrine the principle of gender equality in the Constitution. Now, a century later, our fight continues to finish the job and codify women’s rights and gender equality once and for all.

I have long supported the ERA since I first ran for public office – and it is long past time that we heed the will of the American people and make this Amendment the law of the land. No one should be discriminated against based on their sex—and we, as a nation, must affirm and protect women’s full equality. As we mark Women’s Equality Day, I continue to urge Congress to act swiftly to recognize ratification of the ERA and affirm the fundamental truth that all Americans should have equal rights and protections under the law.