New Affiliate Member: Ministry of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture of the Republic of Zimbabwe

IFACCA - International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies,
29 January 2024, Zimbabwe

We are very pleased to welcome the Ministry of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture of the Republic of Zimbabwe as a new Affiliate Member of the Federation.  The Ministry’s mission is to promote sustainable, innovative development and inclusive Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture. 

The core functions of the Ministry include the establishment of policy frameworks and strategies to foster the development of sport, arts and recreation: institutionalizing good governance to attract investment and participation, and creation an enabling environment for the safeguarding and the diversity of cultural expressions.  Further, it supports skills training, including entrepreneurship development for sport, recreation arts and culture practitioners and their associations thus contributing to supporting livelihoods, employment and poverty reduction.  The Ministry also administers a revolving sport, recreation, arts and culture fund meant to stimulate the growth of sports recreation arts and culture. 

Within the Ministry, the Department of Arts and Culture Promotion and Development plays a vital role in promoting the diversity of cultural expressions and upholding humaneness or ubunthu/unhu.  It formulates and implements policies and strategies for the Culture and Creative Industries (CCI) sector; it actively markets the CCI products and services; facilitates local and international exhibitions, festivals and forums; and facilitates the establishment of CCI clubs, hubs including their associates.  In addition to this it promotes the arts and culture for social integration and empowerment, as well as mainstreaming its programmes in schools and institutions.  The Department also coordinates inventorying of intangible cultural heritage or living heritage elements within Zimbabwean communities and foster connections between national CCI associations and their regional and international counterparts.