Notion of Culture as a Force for Economic Growth: New Approach for South Caucasus

Co-hosted by Eastern Partnership Culture Programme,
26 September 2013, Georgia

Culture as a source for economic development is widely recognized in international studies and practice. The cross-sector nature of culture, close connection to social and economic sectors and its role in stimulation of social, human and economic development is broadly reflected in international agendas, documents and regulations. In this regard the role of creative/cultural industries as a source for job creation and economic growth acquires the growing importance.

Although the concept of culture for economic development has been internationally accepted, it is still relatively new approach for the South Caucasus Countries, though the potential of the field is promising. The international conference “Notion of Culture as a Force for Economic Growth; New Approach for South Caucasus”, aims to introduce the notion of “culture economics” for South Caucasus Countries, to share Western professional experience and to raise public awareness on the perspectives of culture-economy integrated approach.

The conference topics might concern, but are not limited to such issues as:

  • How culture and creative assets can be transformed into the source for South Caucasus Region’s development?
  • What are the ways to encourage creativity and innovation?
  • How heritage resources can be utilized to enhance growth and secure regional livelihood?
  • How and to what extent governmental strategies and cultural policy can be modified to support culture for economy?
  • Which industries could be potential driving force for South Caucasus Countries?
  • Where do we see the role of Cultural entrepreneurs?
  • What is, or could be the role of crafts in creative economy?
  • What do we need to make crafts a vibrant industry?

For further information, including who will be presenting at the conference, see:

The conference languages will be English and Russian.