Nurturing Creativity: Contrast - Challenge - Change

27 February 2008, Iceland

International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) Europe  annual conference 2008 is titled 'Nurturing Creativity: Contrast - Challenge - Change'
Nurturing Creativity is a necessary challenge for both young cities as well as the more established ones - and the same can be said of festivals. By focusing on this challenge the IFEA Europe 2008 conference can become an important learning ground for both newcomers and the more experienced, since all those involved in events and festivals need to be constantly prepared to change.

Audience Europe at IFEA Conference
Festivals exist ultimately for the benefit of their audiences. That’s the starting point for Audiences Europe - examining and discussing where and how audiences fit into our strategic thinking.

In programming, timing, and pricing events, we start with a clear vision of what the festival might mean to our audience, who the audience is, and what difference the festival experience might make in their lives.

Audiences Europe Network is a European Network for cultural professionals and its mission is to facilitate positive change in the ways in which the cultural sector across Europe engages with audiences. A track within this conference is dedicated to Audiences Europe offering possibilities and opportunities for discussion, reflection and analysis which can make a positive impact in our daily work.

It works on a strategic level and gives opportunities for senior cultural practitioners to access policy making, research, cultural observatories, social impact studies and debate. On the practical side it gives opportunities for all levels of cultural producers and manager to access a range of practical activities designed to improve professional practice.