RSA Global Conference 2014 - From Vulnerable Places to Resilient Territories: The Path to Sustainable Development

27 April 2014, Brazil

In a world emerging from widespread crisis, some regions thrive and have been strengthened whilst others struggle to recover.  Unforeseen events affect regions unevenly, presenting at once opportunities and challenges, prosperity and deprivation. How regions emerge from negative or positive shocks depends on their capacity to learn from their own experience and from that of others, as well as their ability to adapt to new environments in a global economy.

The RSA 2014 Global Conference in Brazil will focus on thinking about paths, policies and ideas to strengthen vulnerable places and to develop cohesive and resilient territories. We acknowledge that only adaptive and flexible regions can succeed in an ever-changing world. This conference offers to all those who share an interest in regional and urban issues an opportunity to explore and discuss these key issues. Our discussions will be stimulated and enriched by the RSA’s well established tradition of embracing and accepting diverse perspective, disciplinary backgrounds and ideas.

The organisers welcome proposals for special sessions, themed workshops and innovative forms of networking and collaboration. If you would like to organise or offer a session to the conference please contact:

Academic Organisers
Marco Crocco: [email protected]
Pedro Amaral: [email protected]
Pedro Marques: [email protected]
Lesa Reynolds: [email protected]

Submission deadline is 23 February 2014.

For conference themes and fees, please see the external link below.