Ministry of Culture implements cultural indicators from international standards workshop

Ministry of Culture,
04 February 2015, Moldova

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova, met with UNESCO experts in implementing cultural development indicators, Matteo Rosati and Molly Steinlage. For three days, at the UNESCO Office in Venice, Rosati and Steinlage presented the UNESCO project and implementation methodology, "Cultural Development Indicators" (CDIS), and how to help increase public awareness on culture being a catalyst for the development in national and local development plans.


     The training sessions were attended by specialists from the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, Ministry of Education and the National Bureau of Statistics.


      CDIS is a way to address the challenges of integrating culture into the international development agenda. The project proposes an innovative methodology, that uses empirical data, demonstrating the role of culture as a catalyst for sustainable development.