mov-s 2008: Space for International Exchange of Dance and Movement Arts

Mercat de les Flors/Galician Choreographic Centre,
11 June 2008, Spain

mov-s is a space for International Exchange of Dance and Movement Arts. It was first held in April 2007 in the Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona). mov-s aims to build bridges between artists and Dance and Movement Arts organizations in order to establish communication, collaboration and meeting channels. mov-s is an initiative by Mercat de les Flors de Barcelona and aims to become itinerant around Spain. Therefore, mov-s is held one year in Mercat de les Flors and the next year in another Spanish city or region. This year, mov-s will be held in Galicia, where it will be organised in collaboration with the Centro Coreográfico Galego (Galician Choreographic Centre).

The proposed topic of this year around which the different activities of mov-s will revolve is: “conditions for choreography creation”.

mov-s Galicia 08 will raise questions and will try to obtain some answers, in order to be able to find out which are the optimal conditions so that this creative process starts with quality and innovation guarantees. For this reason, we will propose two round tables and several, more intimate, workshops related to the debates, where experiences and opinions may be shared.

In addition to this, we will invite people related to the development of dancing in Flandes, because it is an international historical point of reference and important lessons can be learnt from it. We will also take a special look at dancing in Portugal and Brazil as parallelisms can be established because of their proximity.

Among the supporters of mov-s are the National Institute for Performing Arts and Music National Institute of the Ministry of Culture of Spain and the Culture and Sport Department of Galicia’s Regional Government.