Intellectual Property Issues and Arts Festivals: Preparing for the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts Solomon Islands 2012

15 March 2010, Solomon Islands

In consultation with local legal experts in the Solomon Islands, Ms. Terri Janke, WIPO consultant, drafted a Study on IP Management for the Festival of Pacific Arts, with a specific focus on the 2012 Festival of Pacific Arts, which will take place in the Solomon Islands.  The Festival of Pacific Arts is a traveling festival hosted every four years by a different country in the Pacific region.  It aims at promoting traditional cultural practices by sharing and exchanging culture.  The Study is a practical handbook for arts festival organizers on managing IP issues at arts festivals.  It includes advice, best practices and model IP resources such as model licenses, contracts, release forms, terms of use, media accreditation guidelines, IP-related disclaimers, trade mark strategies and other usage rules. (Text from WIPO)