The Secretary of State for Culture reaffirms its commitment to the change towards a sustainable cultural model

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte,
24 January 2013, Spain

The internationalization of the culture industry, the search for new business models and the promotion of entrepreneurship in the creative sector, main challenges of culture identified by José María Lassalle.
The Secretary of State for Culture, José María Lassalle said this morning at the opening of the International Seminar of Public Cultural Management 13, that "the transition to another cultural model has not been easy, but it is also true that the determination of those who speak and promote the paradigm shift is of tireless advocate. "

Lassalle has identified as the main challenges facing culture "the design of a cultural industry that is able to internationalize and contribute positively to the construction of an external image, the creation of new business models and profitable export, and promotion of entrepreneurship in the creative sector as an economic and development factor for our country. "

"Our priority is to address institutional changes to overcome the obstacles that the cultural ihave to face," said Secretary of State.
Explore new markets

Referring to the current economic crisis, he said that "we have an excellent opportunity to explore new markets and help to establish the right of access to culture, a fundamental right and a State guarantee addressed to the whole of society."

Lassalle announced his next appearance at the Culture Committee of the Spanish Parliament to evaluate the objectives set for 2012 on the General Strategic Plan 2012-2015 of the State Secretariat.

The Secretary of State for Culture mendioned the recent appointment of the Commission for the study of a new funding model for Cinematography as one of the initiatives that the Plan contemplates: "We count, for the first time, with all ministerial departments involved and with the main spokespeople of the film and audiovisual industry, in order to channel the efforts and needs that must be reflected in the design of a new funding model for this industry.”
Regulatory projects

The main normative projects of his department are the Law of Participation in Activities of General Interest and Patronage, the reform of the Copyright Act ant the Act Regulating the National Library.

He concluded by stating that the priorities of the Secretary of State are to promote greater social participation, facilitate the recruitment and mobilization of private resources, promote the international projection, encourage adaptation to the digital environment and finally, ensure a sustainable future.