Ecuador develops cultural policies to benefit the people

Prensa Latina ,
09 February 2013, Ecuador

The Ministry of Culture promotes public policies to benefit the Ecuadorians and the development of their knowledge, history and traditions, said the Minister of Culture, Erika Sylva.

During a governmental radio program, Citizen Link, the Minister said that about 81 million dollars invested in cultural projects have benefited five million Ecuadorians.

She said that it was possible to create a national cultural system, with new concepts, which is comprised of seven institutions to develop new management models. She said that a new cultural information system will be soon launched with five products and a law that most probably will be approved this year. All this will consolidate the process of changes that are happening in the cultural sector.

The Minister said that that one of the main of tasks of the work is the decolonization of knowledge and power and according to her that will be a milestone in the policy of the current government.